At ACS Services we are the best and specialize in:

Geotechnical ENGINEERING

Construction Inspections and Testing

Geotechnical Drilling

ACS SERVICES LLC chose to perform only in disciplines where we are best in and have become specialized in. We don’t offer a long list of 20 services and claim to be the best in all of them. We are the trusted go-to company for a) Geotechnical work  including Soils Investigations, On Site consulting of existing conditions, Forensic work and Drilling Services. b) Construction Inspections and Testing for both horizontal and vertical work. We perform QA as well as QC services depending on the Clients needs. All of our people are qualified, experienced and fully certified in these services. That is what they do! It makes them fast and efficient.  When you want experts in Geotechnical Services or Construction Inspection and Testing call us, ACS SERVICES LLC.

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