Forensic Investigations and Other Services

Forensic Investigation from a Geotechnical perspective deals with Investigation of soil interaction related to the failures of engineered facilities or structures.

ACS’s services are generally requested to investigate “What Happened?” “Why did this happen?” and “How did this happen?” In some cases they will want to know “ Whose Fault is It?” The following issues are some of the more prevalent causes:

  • Settlement of Fill Soils
  • Moisture Intrusion Below the Slabs
  • Foundation Settlement / Slab Cracking
  • Soil Corrosion
  • Pavement Failures
  • Expansive Soils
  • Collapsible Soils
  • Excavation Failures

ACS Services, LLC performs testing ON-SITE, using qualified and certified personnel, our own drill rigs and coring equipment. This is followed by the testing of these soils in our Accredited Laboratory located in Mesa.

ACS’s Engineering Department compiles and evaluates the Test Data, concludes and gives options for remediation in form of a report.

Other services include:

  • Percolation testing for septic systems and retention basins.
  • Backhoe services in connection with geotechnical investigations
  • Slope Stability and Excavation Shoring
  • Tie-Back Systems
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Windsor probe Testing
  • Structural Load Testing
  • Pullout Testing
  • Plate Load Testing
  • Crack Monitoring
  • Seismic Monitoring