New Addition to ACS

ACS Services LLC welcomed a new drill rig into its fleet this week. “Hurricane,” is a CME 75 High Torque rig. The 75 is mounted on a heavy-duty 4×4 Freightliner truck. The truck itself allows us to drill in areas that previously were much more difficult. The 4×4 allows us to get into places that are difficult for other companies to service.


The services ACS can provide with this rig are:
-Hollow Stem Auger
-Rock Coring
-Mud Rotary
-Air Rotary
-Monitor Well Installation
-Low Clearance Jobs (quick disconnect mast from 26’ down to 19’)

ACS Services LLC is a 1-stop shop for Geotechnical Drilling, Environmental Drilling, Material Testing, and Special Inspections. With 4 different types of drill rigs, we are sure to be able to get the job done. Give us a call to discuss your project so we can make a plan to get it done.